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Opening Session Speakers


Ken Williams, Monday

Ken Williams has provided enthusiastic leadership in a variety of ways.  Skilled in developing productive, student-focused learning environments, Ken is a distinguished teacher, mentor, public speaker, and school leader.  Ken is a former principal of The Learning Academy in Jonesboro, Georgia, and was the hands-down selection for principal of Damascus Elementary School in Damascus, Maryland.  His leadership was crucial to creating a successful professional learning community (PLC) at Damascus, a challenged school that needed a new direction.  The results of his efforts could be seen across all grade levels. Over a two-year period, the school’s state standardized test scores revealed a significant increase in the percentage of students performing at proficient and advanced levels.  He is currently the chief visionary officer of a company dedicated to inspiring individuals and teams to perform at the highest level.

Dr. Juli Dixon, Tuesday

Dr. Juli Dixon is a professor of mathematics education at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. She coordinates the award winning Lockheed Martin/UCF Academy M.Ed. in K-8 Mathematics and Science and the PhD in Mathematics Education. Dr. Dixon is an active researcher with a history of over $9M in external funding focused on professional development. She has a multitude of publications including books; textbooks; book chapters; and articles and international, national, and state invited keynotes and presentations. She was the chair of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Student Explorations in Mathematics Editorial Panel and on the Board of Directors for the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. She provides extensive professional development with teachers (including model teaching) and for school and district administrators.

Sandra Herbst, Wednesday

Sandra Herbst is a noted system leader, author, speaker, coach, consultant, and educator with extensive experience in assessment, leadership, and adult learning. Her expertise, informed by wide-ranging practice and research, is enhanced by her compassion and humor. Sandra is a former elementary and secondary classroom and specialty teacher, school administrator, and program consultant. She is also former assistant superintendent of the second-largest school district in Manitoba and a past president of the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents and the Manitoba ASCD affiliate.

As a facilitator of workshops, web conferences, and events across North America and internationally, Sandra engages her audiences by connecting people to practical strategies and approaches and by building on the expertise and passion that lies within each of us. She provides teachers and leaders with strategies and methods to help meet the diverse needs of learners. Sandra engages in long-term projects with school systems including co-teaching and co-planning with teachers.

Featured Speakers


Annie Fetter

Annie is the longest-tenured staff member of the Math Forum, which is now part of NCTM. Her current work focuses on the development of children’s conceptual understanding and problem solving skills and increasing their willingness to engage in and make sense of mathematics. Her first Ignite talk, “Ever Wonder What They’d Notice? (if only someone would ask),” has been watched more than 20,000 times. She speaks at conferences across the country and hosts #ElemMathChat on Twitter once a month with her colleague Max Ray-Riek.


Nicki Newton

Dr. Newton is an education consultant who works with schools and districts around the country on elementary math curriculum (including best practices, guided math and math centers) as well as curriculum mapping.  Having spent several years as a bilingual teacher and staff developer, she has an extensive background in Sheltered Instruction and English Language Learner Strategies.


James Mendoza Alvarez

Dr. James A. Mendoza Alvarez is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. He was the Governor for the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) from 2013-2016 and now serves on the national MAA Board of Governors as Governor-at-large for Minority Interests. He regularly presents lectures and workshops on mathematics teaching, the learning of calculus, and mathematical problem solving nationwide and recently presented his research in mathematical problem solving at the International Congress on Mathematical Education in Hamburg, Germany.


Dr. Francis Su

Dr. Francis Su is an American mathematician.  He joined the Harvey Mudd College faculty in 1996, and is currently Benediktsson-Karwa Professor of Mathematics.  Dr. Su is serving as President of the Mathematical Association of America from 2015-2017.  Dr. Su has previously received multiple awards from the MAA, including the Haimo Award for distinguished teaching.


Bea Luchin

Bea has spent a significant part of 30 years in mathematics education working in schools and with students where the top priority has been to close the achievement gap. With much study, practical applications as a teacher, supervisor and mathematics coach, she has developed an extensive knowledge base of what works and what doesn’t work.


Greg Tang

Greg Tang was tutoring math in his daughter’s class when he noticed something interesting about the dominoes they were using. Mr. Tang’s method teaches both computational and problem-solving skills, and is so fun and challenging that children forget they are learning math! He believes that all kids are capable of doing well in math, and he has a mission to make math a natural part of every child’s life.

Pam Harris

Pamela Weber Harris

Pamela Weber Harris is the author of Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle & High School Students and the new Lessons & Activities for Building Powerful Numeracy. A former secondary mathematics teacher, Pam currently teaches at Texas State University, is a K-12 mathematics education consultant, a T³ (Teachers Teaching with Technology) Instructor, and an author and coauthor of several professional development workshops.


Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton is a fabulous presenter who has taught thousands of teachers the joy and excitement of “hands-on” math. Kim’s teaching experience includes over 25 years of classroom teaching and time as a regional math specialist and as a university instructor.

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Cathy Seeley

Dr. Seeley is a senior fellow emeritus from the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin. She is the former president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso. Dr. Seeley is the author of Faster Isn’t Smarter (2009); Smarter Than We Think (2014).

Dr. Seeley’s video profile


Marcy Cook

Marcy is a very creative and innovative presenter who brings energy and motivation to her sessions. Focusing on making math enjoyable and understandable for all students, Marcy offers active, hands-on workshops which leave teachers with practical ideas and strategies to take back to the classroom immediately.

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Andrew Stadel

Mr. Stadel is a math teacher, coach, and consultant.  He explores middle school math and builds number sense with students and teachers.  He is nationally known for his work in mathematics and hosts the Estimation 180 blog.

Caren Sorrells

Caren Sorrells is an independent mathematics consultant, recently retired from Birdville ISD where she served as the Mathematics Coordinator. Caren’s 38 years of experience spanned classroom experience in grades 3-12 as well as K-12 experience as a district mathematics coordinator for both Keller ISD and Birdville ISD.


Dr. Marian Small

Dr. Marian Small is a Canadian educational researcher, academic, author, and public speaker. She has co-authored mathematics textbooks used in Canada, Austria, and the United States, and is a proponent of a constructivist approach to mathematical instruction within K–12 classrooms.


Jo Ann Bilderback

Ms. Bilderback serves as the mathematics/science content specialist for the Texas Education Agency. She supports the implementation of the TEKS, TEC, TAC, and statewide mathematics and science initiatives. She also serves as the state director of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

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Julie Guthrie

Julie serves as the director of mathematics and science assessments at the Texas Education Agency. In this role, she supports the development of all STAAR assessments and related support materials.

Mary Alice_Hatchett1

Mary Alice Hatchett

Mary Alice Hatchett is a previous president of the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics. She has also served as TCTM’s Director of Publications for many years. As director, she has focused on increasing the number of teacher authors in the Texas Mathematics Teacher by inviting and encouraging teachers to write about their classroom experiences. She continues to work in classrooms to support teachers in their mathematics instruction and their understanding of Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI).

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Barbara Novelli

Barbara Novelli is a gifted educator who has taught for over twenty years, working with young learners. Barbara’s expertise in the area of mathematics and science has helped her in her many distinguished positions: AIMS Foundation Associate Director, Teaching Consultant for CSIN (California Science Implementation Network), Mentor Teacher, Director of Staff & Curriculum, and Finalist for the Presidential Award in Mathematics.

Paul Gray

Paul is the Chief Curriculum Officer of Cosenza & Associates, LLC. He manages the development and production of mathematics and science curriculum resources and professional development activities.  Paul has 20 years of experience in education, including as a classroom teacher, regional mathematics specialist, and director of mathematics and science at the district level. He is active in many local, state, and national professional organizations, and enjoys working with teachers at the campus or district level.


Don Balka

Don Balka is a noted mathematics educator who has presented more than 2,000 workshops on the use of math manipulatives with PK-12 students at national and regional conferences of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and at in-service trainings in school districts throughout the United States and the world.

Monica Kendall

Monica has over 30 years of experience as a mathematics teacher, coach and consultant.  

Sharon Benson

Sharon Benson currently serves as Director of Mathematics and Advanced Academics at the Region 4 Education Service Center (ESC). Sharon has also served as a member of the Texas Algebra Readiness Initiative, the Commissioner’s Math Advisory Council, and assessment committees related to STAAR End-of-Course for Geometry and Algebra II. She is also a contributing author for multiple resources produced by Region 4 ESC to support K-12 mathematics.


Mona Toncheff

Mona Toncheff, an education consultant and author, is project manager for the Arizona Mathematics Partnership (a National Science Foundation-funded grant). She is a former mathematics content specialist.